Learn More About the Jaguar E-PACE!

A Comprehensive Research Guide to this Jaguar Model

The car-buying journey can get confusing. There are a number of different models, trim levels and packages to choose from. Because of this, it can also be hard to compare different models and get the full information on a coupe, car or SUV. Not anymore!

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Tips for Cleaning Your Tires

Cleaning your tires is often an afterthought when you are cleaning the exterior of your vehicle. Really, you should be paying attention to the tires just as much as the rest of your vehicle in order to protect the overall quality and integrity of your tires. Here are some tips you can use to clean your tires properly:

  • Stop down to our service center at Jaguar Nashville anytime so we can show you the products we recommend for your brand of tires. 
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Suspension Issues

As your vehicle is used on a daily basis you will notice that there is ongoing maintenance and repairs that need to be done in order to keep your vehicle running properly and efficiently. Your suspension is something you may neglect but if it were to fail you would absolutely know thanks to a much bumpier ride than you are normally used to.

Your shocks can get pretty oil and greasy if your suspension isn't working properly and you will notice your vehicle drifting to the side if you are trying to turn. 

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The ‘Tomorrow Land’ Tire

Since the invention of tires, there has been evolution that suits the modern world of technology in all aspects. In Ake, our technology team has been working on not only an eco-friendly tire but a tire that meets all the requirements of the malleable bouncy and standard tire qualities but kept the pneumatic aspect constant.

This non- pneumatic tire creation can fit any wheel rim eliminating the need for tire replacements, punctures, and size selection when purchasing tires. 

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Why a Fuel Pump May Not Work

There may be many different ways to tell that your car's fuel pump is not performing at its peak. For instance, if you notice that the vehicle has started to sputter when on the road, this may be because the pump isn't getting enough fuel to the rest of the engine.

Even if there is enough fuel going to the rest of the engine, the pump may not be sending it at the right pressure levels.

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Proper Cylinders Can Increase Braking Safety

By protecting your brake cylinders, you'll avoid risky situations on the road. The process of seeking brake maintenance services when a cylinder needs adjustments is easy since a typical cylinder component will operate inefficiently once it develops a minor or major problem.

The cylinders on a car are mounted on the front wheels, and brake drums are placed on the rear wheels. 

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Engine Overheating Concerns

If you are driving along on the road and you notice that there is some smoke or steam coming out from underneath your hood, you may have an issue with an overheating engine. There could also be a strong smell coming from this engine bay. It is ideal to stop driving your vehicle immediately. If you don't, you could cause some real and permanent damage to your vehicle.

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Tire Tread & Pressure Checks Ensure Safe Driving

There are two tests the service technicians at Jaguar Nashville in Brentwood, TN use to determine whether your tires can continue performing well enough to ensure safe driving. One is a tire pressure gage that helps determine whether your tires are underinflated or overinflated. Either condition can reduce gas mileage. Tires should be checked on a monthly basis to ensure they are inflated to the pressure levels recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.

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Muffler and Exhaust Systems 101

A properly working muffler and exhaust system serve many critical purposes in any vehicle. A well-functioning exhaust system lessens engine noise and directs noxious fumes away from the car's passengers. These toxic emissions are also harmful to the atmosphere and environment. There are various signs that a vehicle's muffler and exhaust system should be checked, including loud noises coming from the muffler, more exhaust than normal coming from the muffler, the smell of exhaust inside the car, and strong smells coming directly from the muffler.

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