About the Retired Courtesy Loaner Program

At Jaguar Nashville we provide transportation to our service customers known as courtesy loaners vehicles. These vehicles are typically "like-new" 2020 - 2021 models. These vehicles are typically eligible for a 100,000 mile warranty on a retail purchase, all for a drastically reduced price!
Why Buy a Jaguar Nashville Courtesy Loaner?
Like New Condition
Incredible Selection
Significant Savings
Existing Factory Warranty
Extended Factory Warranty included on most vehicles
Verified Service History
Latest Features & Technology
New State-of-the-Art Design & Aesthetics

Jaguar Nashville only selects high quality vehicles for our Courtesy Loaner Program so you can feel confident about buying a like-new Jaguar. Our certified mechanics and detailing experts ensure the vehicle's performance and cleanliness are able to meet the manufacturer's guidelines with consistent inspections. With fewer miles at incredible savings, our Jaguar Nashville courtesy loaners provide certain advantages to car buyers, including updated technologies, features and the latest design at affordable pricing. 

Get all the new car amenities at used car prices with the Jaguar Nashville Courtesy Loaner Program. See our active and retired loaners available below for purchase!