Drive in Luxury With The 2020 Jaguar XF at Jaguar Nashville

If you are searching for a vehicle with great performance capabilities and interior features, you will love the 2020 Jaguar XF here at Jaguar Nashville. Not only do the features keep your family safe and sound during a ride, but they also keep them occupied with top of the line technology features that everyone will love. A plus to purchasing the 2020 Jaguar XF is that you are given the choice of multiple types of gasoline engines and even the option of All-Wheel Drive with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics. By having these choices, your car will be customized just the way you want it to suit your driving needs and style.


When it comes to the performance of the new 2020 Jaguar XF model, you will be far from disappointed with the features. With self-leveling rear air suspension, you will have excellent handling capabilities, even when your car is fully loaded with passengers and cargo. The engine in the Jaguar XF is a turbocharged engine that produces all the horsepower and torque that you'll need to pass vehicles with ease on the highway near Brentwood and Franklin, TN. To add to the great performance capability of the 2020 Jaguar XF, this vehicle also comes with an automatic transmission that offers you the choice of Eco or Dynamic mode depending upon your driving style that day or where you are traveling to in the greater Hendersonville, TN area.


The interior of the 2020 Jaguar XF has a variety of features that you and all your passengers will love. In particular, one feature that seems to be a big hit is the panoramic sunroof that gives you and your family a whole different view of the area you are traveling in with just the right amount of sunlight. Another feature you will love is the Cabin Air Ionization system which provides everyone in the vehicle with the fresh and crisp air that they deserve. Nothing beats a vehicle with the option of fresh air from a panoramic roof or cool ionized air.


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  • Jaguar Innovation

    Jaguar Innovation provides you with a variety of driver's aid features like head-up display and hands-free navigation options. The system also gives you a choice between 2D and 3D navigation maps.

  • Touch Pro™

    The Touch Pro is a 10-inch touchscreen display system that includes voice control and predictive navigation functions. All you have to do is activate the hands-free option and you can simply activate the program by saying a specific command.


  • 360-Degree Surround Camera - This camera allows you to see your vehicle at every angle so you can help prevent a potential collision from happening by vehicles approaching you to quickly in your blind-spot while you are changing lanes.
  • Lane Keep Assist - This feature will send you audible and visual warnings the moment your vehicle starts to drift out of its lane. With light steering and brakes, this feature will also help guide you back into your lane.
  • Traffic Sign Recognition - This is an amazing feature for the residents of Nashville as it can automatically detect and read traffic signs ahead. For instance, if your vehicle detects and recognizes a no passing sign, the information will be displayed on your instrument panel.
  • Blind-Spot Assist - If a vehicle is in the blind-spot area of your vehicle while turning on to another road, this feature will send you an audible or visual warning to help prevent a collision. If your response time is slow, your vehicle will use automatic steering to avoid a rear-end collision.

Interested in learning more about the advantages to buying or leasing the new 2020 Jaguar XF?

If so, then we'd love to make our expertise available to you here at our Jaguar dealership near Clarksville, TN. Drop by our showroom in Brentwood to take a test drive with the bold new 2020 Jaguar XF and speak with our team about the latest options for Jaguar financing.

The New Jaguar XF Can Make Every Ride More Comfortable


The new Jaguar XF is a great SUV and here at Jaguar Nashville in Brentwood, TN, Nashville, TN and Franklin, TN drivers will love what they find. This SUV comes with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that delivers plenty of horsepower and torque to keep you up to speed and enjoying any ride at all times. Within the engine is a low-friction roller which helps provide you with the smooth ride that you have always wanted.

When it comes to the suspension in the new Jaguar XF, you will appreciate the Integral Link Suspension System which improves your driving ability and gives you the comfortable ride you and your family deserve.

Safety Features

  • 360 Degree Surround Camera: This camera system gives you access to 360-degree vision of your vehicle to view all the obstacles around you that could cause a potential collision.
  • Lane-Keep Assist: Lane-keep assist helps guide you back into your lane if your vehicle ever starts to stray from the desired lane without intention. If you do not respond to the warnings, your vehicle will use light steering to get you back where you need to be.
  • Blind-Spot Assist: With blind-spot assist, you will automatically be informed with audible and visual warnings the moment another vehicle is approaching the blind area of your new Jaguar XF.


Touch Pro

The Touch Pro comes with a 10-inch touchscreen for you to use voice control to access all your favorite navigation routes.

Smartphone Pack

In the smartphone pack, you gain access to a variety of great features like Android Auto™, Apple CarPlay™, and multiple USB ports to charge all of your devices.


If you choose to get the Jaguar InControl Package, you will get to use the WiFi hotspot which can connect up to a total of eight devices at a time while streaming movies and playing games in the vehicle.

With everything that the new Jaguar XF is ready to help every driver in the Clarksville, TN and Hendersonville, TN area is ready to make every drive much more enjoyable.