Jaguar SUVs Combine Luxury and Performance

Jaguar's full-size and compact SUVs are attracting a lot of attention recently, and Jaguar Nashville has models that Clarksville, TN shoppers will absolutely love. The new F-Pace, I-Pace, and E-Pace SUVs each have their strengths that make it easier than ever to find exactly what you need in a Jaguar SUV.

New Jaguar I-PACE Brings Electric Performance to the Hendersonville, TN Area

The electric Jaguar I-PACE vehicle has excellent performance as the smallest of the Jaguar lineup. Some years and models have been measured to reach 60 MPH in under five seconds, which is a very impressive accomplishment for an electric vehicle. Using dual permanent magnets, its engine takes advantage of racing technology to bring you, the driver, as much power to Franklin, TN possible.

And with seating for up to five people, front and rear storage compartments, and a range of nearly 300 miles, this car is built to keep you on the road. Select models offer carbon fiber elements that greatly enhance the durability of the vehicle.

The Jaguar I-PACE can also include a tow bar, cycle carrier, and roof crossbars. These features can make it possible for you to bring all the cargo and luggage you need. It can even come with a tablet holder for keeping passengers entertained for extended periods of time.

Jaguar E-PACE

In terms of size, the Jaguar E-PACE is slightly larger than the I-PACE. It has extra built-in features that make this car desirable for customers looking for a car that focuses on ease and convenience. The trunk has over 20 cubic feet of storage space, so you'll be able to fit a great deal of cargo in the Jaguar E-PACE. It can also include the Jaguar iconic activity key, which is worn on the wrist. The Jaguar activity key allows you to leave your keys in your car, and open up your vehicle with an electric chip embedded in the wristband.

The Jaguar E-PACE also includes many modern safety features, like a camera that can see in any direction, emergency braking, automated lane-keeping assistance, and a speed control setting. Features like this are meant to make the act of driving less tiresome for the driver, which both protects people inside and outside the vehicle. Safety features are also important in many cases because accident avoidance can save customers money by preemptively eliminating collision-related expenses.

Jaguar F-PACE

Finally, the Jaguar F-PACE is the largest of the three Jaguar SUVs. It includes the power and efficiency found in the other Jaguar vehicles, but it also features a larger frame than the others. It manages to reach this desirable combination of attributes through its lightweight aluminum frame, which has the correct proportion of durability and longevity that Nashville, TN shoppers are looking for.

Interestingly, the Jaguar F-PACE gives you the choice between an automatic and manual transmission. Generally, vehicles only offer one or the other. The engineers at Jaguar offer F-FACE SUVs that can do either one of these choices. It also offers three styling options with two available editions. You can choose between the Performance, Luxury, and Sport interiors.

The Performance interior gives the vehicle a timeless and classic look, while the Sport styling gives the vehicle an energetic feeling. The tan seats of the Luxury interior give off an air of elegance unique to a Jaguar. The F-PACE Sport and Checkered Flag editions mark the individuality of the vehicle through beautiful stitching and snappy interior color combinations. Overall, a Jaguar SUV offers drivers in the Brentwood, TN area the flexibility they're looking for.

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