Check Out Jaguar's Luxurious Lineup of Cars and Wagons Near Hendersonville, TN

If you are in the market for a sleek and sporty modern luxury car in the Clarksville, TN area, then you should check out what Jaguar has to offer. All of Jaguar cars and wagons bring a great balance of muscular design with suave undertones. Whenever our team drives around Nashville, TN in a Jaguar car or wagon, they are always stopped and people ask what they do for a living to afford one of those. The Jaguar brand just exudes luxury and class.

New Jaguar XF

If you want something a bit larger and with a bit more luxury, you can step up to the new Jaguar XF. The new XF can be had as either a sedan or a Sportbrake wagon depending on your personal preference. The sedan provides you with more traditional styling, while the Sportbrake brings much more practicality and personality.

When you get behind the wheel of the Jaguar XF, you feel like it shrinks around you, as it is lightweight and responsive. The interior materials are excellent quality, and you have all of the latest technology at your fingertips. If you plan on taking many trips across Franklin, TN, you may want to get the sportbrake as it has way more cargo space.

New Jaguar F-TYPE

The F-TYPE is the dedicated sports car of the Jaguar lineup, and it is one of the most beautiful vehicles on the market. If there was one word to describe the F-TYPE, it would be passionate. The Jaguar F-TYPE is the type of vehicle that has impressive power figures and 0-60 times, but it cares more about the way it feels to drive.

The F-TYPE is one of the most exhilarating vehicles to get behind the wheel of, and it can be had as either a coupe or a convertible. It also comes with many great engine options. Jaguar spent a lot of time making the F-TYPE sound like a true sports car. The V6 engine produces an exhaust note straight out of Formula One racing. It makes you feel like you are going 200 MPH when you are going the speed limit.

The Supercharged V8 under the hood of the F-TYPE is equipped with one of the loudest exhausts that you can equip to a vehicle. The F-TYPE is a sports car that reminds you that we drive for fun and passion, not for numbers on a spreadsheet.

Test Drive a New Jaguar in Brentwood, TN

No matter which Jaguar car you choose, they all give you the VIP experience. Every Jaguar model focuses on providing you the best mixture of luxury and performance on the market. Contact a member of the sales team at Jaguar Nashville to experience our lineup of Jaguars for yourself.