The Jaguar I-PACE is a revolutionary model for the luxury automaker as it's the first electric vehicle from the brand. This electric luxury SUV near Franklin, TN provides zero-emission driving for up to 234 miles on a full charge, and it has standard all-wheel drive, nearly 400 horsepower, and 512 pound-feet of torque too! This electric motor is part of the flawless engineering of the new Jaguar I-PACE, but it's not the only smart aspect of Jaguar's new electric luxury SUV. Check out the video above and read below about some other smart tech systems in the new Jaguar I-PACE!

What Helpful Tech Will You Find in the New Jaguar I-Pace Near Nashville, TN?

One of the smart features discussed in the video above helps drivers before they even get in their Jaguar I-PACE. As you approach your Jaguar I-PACE, the key signals to the car which driver is getting in, and this means that the driver's seat and other configurable systems will adjust to that driver. This helps those Clarksville, TN Jaguar I-PACE owners that want to share the luxury driving experience of the electric SUV!

There are also many screens in the new Jaguar I-PACE, and these can help you with many different tasks. The middle screen has Apple and Android device compatibility, which means you can get to your favorite apps easily. There's also a head-up display projecting on the windshield and a configurable screen in the instrument cluster, which can tell you about your range and efficiency. Plus, the Jaguar I-PACE near Hendersonville, TN has features ranging from heated and ventilated seats to all sorts of driver-assist safety systems!

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So, the Jaguar I-PACE is the smartest Jaguar yet and one of the most brilliant luxury SUVs out there now, and you can find this revolutionary electric luxury SUV near Nashville! Come on down to our dealership to experience the luxury car shopping experience and luxury vehicles we have for sale!

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