Tips for Cleaning Your Tires

Cleaning your tires is often an afterthought when you are cleaning the exterior of your vehicle. Really, you should be paying attention to the tires just as much as the rest of your vehicle in order to protect the overall quality and integrity of your tires. Here are some tips you can use to clean your tires properly:

  • Stop down to our service center at Jaguar Nashville anytime so we can show you the products we recommend for your brand of tires. We carry only the best quality products available to us and they will help make quick work of the job.
  • Let the cleaner sit on your tires for a bit so the product can gently break down any dirt that is present.
  • Have a specific set of towels available to use on your tires so you don't damage the rest of your vehicle by transferring rocks or dirt to your paint job.
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