Suspension Issues

As your vehicle is used on a daily basis you will notice that there is ongoing maintenance and repairs that need to be done in order to keep your vehicle running properly and efficiently. Your suspension is something you may neglect but if it were to fail you would absolutely know thanks to a much bumpier ride than you are normally used to.

Your shocks can get pretty oil and greasy if your suspension isn't working properly and you will notice your vehicle drifting to the side if you are trying to turn. In addition to these issues, you can test your vehicle's suspension by putting the vehicle into park and then going outside the vehicle. Bounce the front end and the rear end up and down. If it continues to bounce on its own when you leave it alone, your suspension is likely starting to fail and will need attention from our Brentwood, TN.

If you suspect trouble with your suspension schedule an appointment with our service center today.

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