Muffler and Exhaust Systems 101

A properly working muffler and exhaust system serve many critical purposes in any vehicle. A well-functioning exhaust system lessens engine noise and directs noxious fumes away from the car's passengers. These toxic emissions are also harmful to the atmosphere and environment. There are various signs that a vehicle's muffler and exhaust system should be checked, including loud noises coming from the muffler, more exhaust than normal coming from the muffler, the smell of exhaust inside the car, and strong smells coming directly from the muffler.

Most car manufacturers recommend that the exhaust system be inspected once per year. We invite you to stop by Jaguar Nashville in Brentwood, TN today to get your vehicle's muffler and exhaust system serviced. The expert associates in our service center can diagnose any issues, make recommendations and necessary repairs, and replace any components needed to keep your car running at maximum performance levels.

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