The ‘Tomorrow Land’ Tire

Since the invention of tires, there has been evolution that suits the modern world of technology in all aspects. In Ake, our technology team has been working on not only an eco-friendly tire but a tire that meets all the requirements of the malleable bouncy and standard tire qualities but kept the pneumatic aspect constant.

This non- pneumatic tire creation can fit any wheel rim eliminating the need for tire replacements, punctures, and size selection when purchasing tires. The tire comes in different shape and design for people who love the exotic and luxurious look. The casing is sturdy to survive any terrain or condition and can assume any shape of the object it's stepping on ensuring your ride is still intact and comfortable. The tire is eco-friendly too and can be recycled after use.

Blow your mind with the amusing technology of tires by stopping by our service center here at Jaguar Nashville for numerous tire options including the ones from the future.

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