Why You Must Change Up Your Vehicular Fluids

There are palettes of fluids in our vehicles that keep them running as they’re intended to be. If we didn’t have each and every one of these fluids, the vehicle may not run as properly as it should.

Some of these fluids are more important for the operation than others, and you should know how to check and replace these.

Engine oil is checked up on with the side of the engine using its dipstick. Change oil at the recommended interval from a technician or your owner’s manual.

Transmission fluid, similarly, can get checked using the “other” dipstick under the hood; it’s typically smaller and harder to spot.

Radiator fluid is essential to your car not catching fire and burning up. It’s found in the radiator and changed every year, roughly depending on the vehicle.

Come to Jaguar Nashville and let us replace the fluids in your vehicle for you, rather than running the risk of serious engine problems and general vehicle background.

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