Why You Should Never Let Your Windshield Wiper Fluid Go Dry?

While driving down the road, bugs, and dust gather on the windshield. With a dry windshield wiper reservoir, bugs are smeared all over the windshield, with no way to clear them away, or the dirt that accumulates. A long drive or commute is not a convenient place to stop and wash a windshield.

In addition, the container that holds the wiper fluid can become brittle and crack if there is no fluid. This really makes things difficult when you want to clean the windshield because the container will no longer hold fluids.

Trying to remove debris and insects without the benefit of liquids might damage the windshield. This damage becomes magnified when sunlight or headlights hit the windshield at an angle. Oil, dust, and fingerprints may seem minor until you start driving. Suddenly, every little smudge seems significant. Car repairs are expensive, and marred visibility is dangerous to you and everyone on the road.

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